2018 Beervent Calendar

Everyone I knew seemed to be ordering a beer advent calendar, so I decided to make our own! As fun as it was, I’m almost glad it’s over. We were washing lots of glassware!

Here’s what our December looked like!

SAHBT & Brew Update!

We finally got to do another Stay At Home Beer Tasting, with the holidays and Jayson working a bunch of overtime (along with being sick for the last month) we hadn’t gotten to do another one. Even still we decided to be lazy about it this time and ordered pizzas from Marcos. Jayson fell in…

Stay At Home Beer Tasting

Jayson suggested we try a stay at home version. We will cook, which again with our wonky schedule we don’t do a lot of real cooking for dinner, and get a couple of Build your own 6 packs.

Let There Be Beer!

We procrastinated and didn’t  get a mead started in time to have anything ready by Thanksgiving or Christmas (either for gifts or just to share) so I suggested we make a couple of beers. Jayson has made a few before, that’s what got him into this hobby 6 or 7 years ago, but I have…

So I Married a Beer Snob – Sam Adams Nitro White Ale

Let me do a brief introduction here. My husband is a beer snob and I always try his beers, even though 99.99% of the time I just end up making a very funny face. When we were on our honeymoon I made a ridiculous critique of Guinness, and we joked that I should start a…