First Installment of Homebrew Requests : Rocky Road Chocolate Milk Stout

When I took my “Big O’ Tatties” Sweet Potato Casserole Wee Heavy (that’s a mouth full) to Thanksgiving two of my cousins make requests. Here is the first one.

I chose to do Jeremy’s first for a couple of reasons.
1. It seemed like the easier of the two
2. I drew his name for our Christmas gift exchange / his birthday is one of the first after the new year.

So for Christmas I gave him a photo of all of the ingredients I’d bought to make his beer.
(Everything except for the chocolate was purchased at BrewHound Fort Worth)

So obviously I had intended for it this beer to be brewed and finished by the beginning of February. As it is now the end of March, I clearly failed, but at least the beer is going!

Brew Day

Don’t fear the foam

The Brew process was pretty straight forward, you see one brew you’ve seen’m all right?

My brew helpers. Auri & Bastian hard at work…staring.

So far it’s just been a regular stout. Now with make it a chocolate milk stout. 🙂
I looked at a few different forums to see how much chocolate to add and at what point. Most of them suggested ½lb of the baking chocolate powder. So I measured it out and added in, 15 minutes before the end of the boil.

… Then I realized I will literally never use the rest of this baking chocolate. So I just threw the rest of it in!


If I do this brew again I might add the chocolate a little sooner… It was very hard to get the chocolate to declump. lol It looked quite a bit like chili….
And it made the racking process tricky because the clumps kept clogging up the auto-siphon.

Secondary & Kegging

That sediment though….

To try and get the Rocky Road flavor I added Almond & Toasted Marshmallow extract.
Three different times I put in 1 TBS of each. The two flavors aren’t distinct from each other like you’d get from the actual ice cream, but they did soften those dark chocolate-stouty edges!

Jayson wants me to make this brew again but without the other flavors, he loved the
chocolate-y-ness. If I do I’m definitely setting aside a gallon or two and attempting a peanut butter cup… or maybe I’ll add some banana too. My dad used to make a “blender meal” (now known as a smoothie) when I was a kid that was chocolate Metabolol with peanut butter and banana. The best flavor combination ever.

Beer Mail!

We kept the majority of it, but I took Jeremy & Morgan a case of the beer last weekend! It was a hit… They’ve only had it a couple of days and it might be half gone by now. HAHA
They were loving it.
Morgan compared its smoothness to Ugly Pug (Rahr & Son’s Black Lager). I’ve never had it, but I’ll take the compliment!

My favorite part of brewing is letting other people try what I’ve made. (Hopefully they enjoy it as much as I do)
My other favorite part is coming up with fun names. Jayson helped me with this one.

I-35. The Rockiest Road in Texas

Slainte y’all!

I’m excited about my next brew request, it’s a really interesting combination of flavors. It could be amazing…oooor it could bomb!

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