The 10 Year Challenge. Home Brew Edition.

10 years ago today Jayson made his first batch of beer. With his Christmas money he bought a brew kit and recipe from a little wine store in Fort Worth that sadly isn’t there anymore.

Back then I still didn’t like beer, and thought the wort smelled terrible, so I was simply there to document. Needless to say, this post will be even more image heavy than the others.

The First Brew Day

His first brew was a super simple Irish Stout. There were literally no grains, and the hops were right there in the malt concentrate.

super cheese.
Can – Not – Stop – Stirring

The First Transfer Day

Roll that beautiful beer footage.
Taste Test Time!

He was very proud of how clean he got his Ale Pail

The First Bottling Day

You got any of that good priming sugar?
I might have really liked how the bottles looked all lined up… and I might have taken a lot of photos of them.
And Beer.

And one more photo for good measure, because look how cute we were.

SlĂ inte

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