“Plum Out of Control” Plum Ale

My coworker, Sandy, came to me one day asking if I had any use for a bunch of plums, because her trees were over loaded. I had been wanting to try the recipe for “Aplomb of an Ale” from The Homebrewer’s Recipe Guide for a while now. She brought 3 boxes of Ozark plums to work with her, totaling about 26lbs! I left one box there for everyone else to enjoy and took 16lbs home with me, I blended up half of them to use in this beer.

We went to Brewhound to get all of my other ingredients, so I got to visit with Masie girl.

She doesn’t look as happy to see me as I am to see her. But I promise, she loves the pets!

Brew day

This was probably the easiest brew I’ve done, which of course makes me wonder if I did something wrong lol. I only brewed for about 2 hours and then clean up wasn’t too bad either. (Seriously though, I think I must have missed a step)

I needed a cookbook holder, but a molcajete will do.

While the grains were steeping I started my little experiment.
I had originally wanted to try this as a gruit but I wasn’t sure about the flavors.
So I made some teas.

Left to Right:
Whole Cascade Hops.
Heather Tips.
Oolong Tea (I thought it was just black tea)
Rose Petals.

They were a lot cuter before I added the plum. It got a bit grizzly after.

The verdict was everything except the oolong tasted good. Better still, the remaining three tasted good together. So I decided to add half of the Cascades at the beginning of the boil, so as not to over do the hoppy bitters. Then at the 30 minute mark I added the other half plus ½ cup each of the rose petals & heather tips.

The look of this brew pot had me feeling extra witchy!

And it smelled delicious.

Transferring to the carboy was a bit tricky with all of the bits still floating around, if I do this recipe again I will definitely use grain bags.

Secondary + Plums

A few days after brew day the yeast stopped, afraid that something had gone wrong I pitched some champagne yeast. It bubbled for a few days and then stopped.
A week later I transferred to the secondary and added the 8lbs of plum. I did a little taste test and couldn’t taste any of the rose or heather, so I brewed up 4 cups of tea using another ¼ cup of each. I let it cool and added it to the carboy.

I couldn’t share the video so here are screen shots. I was just super proud of myself for being able to lift a full carboy, when this time last year I definitely could not.

…Homebrew Woes… AKA How I came up with the name.

At 4am I was woken up to my dog growling at a whistling noise…
I immediately knew what it was. All of the yeasties had woken up and were throwing a big fuck off party because of all the new sugars and the warmth of the tea…

In a sleepy panic I took out the airlock (mess) and replaced it with another one. Unfortunately that one was a smaller S shaped one and it filled up even faster.
I went back to sleep, and was woken up to a POP! and splatter as the pressure pushed the new airlock and lots and lots of plum out of the carboy.
I freaked right out.

I called Jayson at work and he walked me through making a make shift airlock using a tube and a plastic jug. By the time he got home it was calm enough to put a regular airlock back in.

I’m not sure how much I lost but it was a minimum of 1 lb of plum.

I kegged it a week later because I needed it to have time to carbonate before our trip to float the Guadalupe River.

How do you like our koozie? 🙂

The general consensus is that Plum Out of Control is a great river beer!

Until next time
Sláinte Y’all

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