SAHBT & Brew Update!

We finally got to do another Stay At Home Beer Tasting, with the holidays and Jayson working a bunch of overtime (along with being sick for the last month) we hadn’t gotten to do another one.
Even still we decided to be lazy about it this time and ordered pizzas from Marcos. Jayson fell in love with their pizza, specifically with their cheese, when we were in Denver and was so happy to find out we have one not too far from the house.

Brew Update

Jayson’s Oktoberfest Lager. He transferred to the secondary, it’s such a nice color.

Our 2nd transfer of our large batch of wine from the grapes we picked at Travis’s Vineyard back in August.  I didn’t try it until the very end so I had some sludge but it had a good flavor, though a little tart at the moment. We are going to sweeten some of the bottles but leave the others a little dryer.

We transferred in Jayson’s computer room so that we didn’t have to carry the 8gal bucket into the kitchen and get it all stirred up.

such a pretty color! 
our big 8gal fermenter
Don’t fear the foam!
We almost ran out of bottles! lol 
This one’s ours to drink on now, it’s a little sludgy so we won’t be sharing it. 

Also, how cute is this bottle? I bought some Pumpkin cider at Aldi for $1.99. Jayson loved the cider, I loved the bottle. I’m going to have to go back and get more because the price is pretty good!

A few more pictures and I’ll be on my way.

Behold! Our new 8 Gallon brew kettle! I found it on on Black Friday. Half off their Amcyl kettles, and I still had a $50 gift card I’d won from Home Brew Happy Hour podcast! So this baby only cost us about $55! 
I finally got my Beer Photography Geek trophy from BrewDog! It was worth the wait, I’m still so honored and floored that I was chosen. 

And last but not least

I made us a Beer Advent Calendar! It’s not really pretty but it’s the best way I could think to do it and still keep it cool! (I also swapped the 12 & 24, since that bottle is big and doesn’t quite fit anyway lol)

Not sure if everyone else does it this way, but the advent calendars we had growing up, half the fun was looking for the next number, so I mixed them all up.

I’ll do a big old post about the beers we tried after Christmas once we’re done 🙂 You’ll also get to see our ridiculous Christmas card! (it’s become a tradition, our friends count on it… no joke, it’s a lot of pressure! hahaha

I think that’s about all I have to report for now, see you next time!


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