Stay At Home Beer Tasting

      Our work schedules aren’t the usual 9-5 Monday – Friday. We both work in retail, me at the antique mall and him as a grocery manager. So we don’t always get to spend a lot of time together, I get home most days a few hours after he’s gone in for his shift.
So when we’re lucky we get one day off a week together to run around and be together. Even if it’s running errands.

      After GABF and meeting the other Beer Geeks we wanted to make beer tastings a part of our weekly ritual. But going out for dinner and either a few good craft beers or even a flight, the tab got pretty high. So Jayson suggested we try a stay at home version. We will cook, which again with our wonky schedule we don’t do a lot of real cooking for dinner, and get a couple of Build your own 6 packs.

Last week was our first attempt.

      For dinner Jayson made salmon tacos and home made french fries. And I decided to make the buffalo cauliflower he loved so much from Briar Common in Denver.

      His part of the meal was successful, mine would have been more so if our oven had decided to work lol. I attempted to smoke the cauliflower but the “breading” didn’t harden like it would have in the oven, so it was really really smooshy and then covered in too sweet buffalo sauce. I promised to try this again but screw the oven I’m deep frying those bastards.

11-08-2018 (6)
Our “trendy restaurant” meal LOL

For the beer.

We had quite a bit to choose from, Jayson grabbed a 6 Pack, I had a few left over from some I’d put together a while back, as well as the ones my beer penpal sent me last month. So we each picked 3.

Unplanned but we each had two Texas beers and one “import”.

11-08-2018 (1)


Real Ale Brewing Company       Martin House Brewing Company         Unibroue


Armadillo Ale Works                     Community Beer Co                       Santiam Brewing

Aside from my failed cauliflower (Jayson calls them a success because he still ate them, and he hates cauliflower) I’d say this will have to become a regular thing. It was fun just sitting around with my husband not feeling rushed at a restaurant, or worrying about a ridiculous tab.
We will have to work on our reviewing skills though lol

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