Oktoberfest Brew

A little update, on our brews.

Last Wednesday of August Jayson started his Oktoberfest Lager for his friend’s wedding.

As usual we got our recipe and ingredients from Chris at BrewHound. 


08-29-2018 (3)
Hops make it look so witchy.
08-29-2018 (6)
Jayson got onto me for this picture “it’s the ugliest part of brewing!” But it’s also real life when you have a tiny ass sink!
08-29-2018 (14)
Jayson wanted to do a lager instead of an ale so he had to keep the brewing temp down so he made an ice bath.

He decided that was going to be a pain, so I went and saw Chris and got a handy dandy Temperature controller to turn your fridge into a brew fridge. It has two plugs so you can hook up a fridge and a heating element to keep your brew at the exact temperature you want.
(You should get one)

Screenshot_2018-09-06 Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller



I decided to dry out the spent grains.

08-29-2018 (7)

08-29-2018 (9)
“7 hours at lowest temp” they said. I’ll have you know that they lied. It was about 10 hours and I ended up separating them onto this and two big plates…and jacking the temp up to about 250°F)
08-29-2018 (32)
They do look pretty. But it was a lot of work for 3lbs of grain… lol

08-29-2018 (34)

And now for some disappointing news.
Look at my watermelon mead… isn’t she pretty even though her color faded?


08-29-2018 (23)

Fast forward a week. Jayson’s blueberry was looking a bit spotty so I was researching infections and how you could possibly treat them. I just happened to read that a common problem with melon, especially watermelon (yay..) is that the fruit starts to rot before the alcohol content is high enough to keep that from happening.

I really wish some of the blog posts and youtube videos I watched had mentioned anything about that.

But now you know!

Jayson and I have decided that we’re never adding fruit to the primary again.

Soaking this bitch in bleach & water.  Like we will have to do all of our equipment just in case.

At least the beer looks good…



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