I was looking up recipes for a watermelon mead (henceforth known as a watermelomel haha). Should have been simple “watermelon + water + honey.” But I really wanted an idea of how many and how big they should be… everything I found was for a single gallon batch and it said “one large watermelon.” Thanks for the specificity guys.
Finally I gave up on written recipes and I took to Youtube.

I found Oram Wines.ORAM

His videos were very helpful. He does a segment called “Homebrew Wednesday” which made me smile because that tends to be the day that Jayson and I brew. Most importantly, his told me exactly how many watermelons he used and roughly how much they weighed, so now I had a starting point.

We went to HEB to get all of the water. Bottled for freezing to make an ice bath to try controlling our fermenting temperatures. Distilled for our StarSan, refill our 5 gallon bottles for brewing and the melon kind.

Screenshot_2018-08-23 Danielle Lawson on Instagram “Things are about to get sticky 🐝🍷🍻 #lawsonhomebrew #meadmaker #mead [...]

6 Large watermelons, ranging between 17 – 21lbs each.

08-22-2018 (4)

08-22-2018 (10)

I bought Jayson this honey strainer for straining his grapes. It’s handy but it’s a bitch to clean.

08-22-2018 (12)

08-22-2018 (13)
the cake pan worked better for smooshing.
08-22-2018 (17)
Basty : BrewCat
08-22-2018 (19)
Auri waiting for watermelon bits to drop. And they did.
08-22-2018 (20)
I was just in love with this pattern. Nature is pretty amazing.

While I was chopping and mashing, generally getting sticky, Jayson was transferring and sweetening his grape wine. He brought me a few samples, he did not approve of his picture being taken.

08-22-2018 (23)

08-22-2018 (26)
Each melon gave about one gallon of juice the first go. I was saving the pulp to squeeze for more.
08-22-2018 (30)
I put small amounts of pulp into the grain bag and squeezed and kneaded. I got at least 2 more gallons from doing this. There was so much more in the pulp I just couldn’t get it out.
08-22-2018 (31)
Jayson wanted to try the juice. It was just such a pretty color. I’ve read though that the color fades as the juice separates more from the fruit bits.
08-22-2018 (33)
5 Gallons exactly. I only did 5 of the melons. I needed room to add the honey.

Speaking of honey. Our buckets have crystallized. Jayson tried to loosen them up by letting them soak in a cooler of hot water. It worked a little but we couldn’t pour anything.

Jayson started his blueberry mead too. So he used this bucket and just poured his water in over the honey.

08-22-2018 (34)

08-22-2018 (35)

Since the other bucket of honey was still pretty solid he had me transfer a couple of gallons of my juice into a small bucket and scoop the honey into it. Stir it up and then we poured it back into the carboy along with a tiny amount of water just to get all of the honey out of this bucket. Which brought me to a full 6 gallon batch.

08-22-2018 (39)
It looks like I’m doing some medical experiments in my spare time.

Dropped in some campden tablets to kill any wild bacteria and I’ll put the yeast in tonight!IMG_20180823_153245.jpg

I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out!
(( My right arm is sore, my back and hips hurt from standing and the palm of my hand is bruised from the masher. This mead better be freaking delicious! haha ))

I’ve never shared a recipe since I’m mostly experimenting but because I couldn’t find many that were helpful.
Here’s what I did (I’ll update with anything I add later!)

5 Watermelons (average 18lbs each)
7lbs of clover honey. (Oram Wine did 7lbs of sugar since his wasn’t a mead)
5 campden tablets to sterilize

Yeast : Lalvin – Bourgovin RC 212.

As you can see I smashed and mashed all by hand. If you have an easier way of doing this, go for it (and share your secrets!). I also did it all cold, most recipes I saw called for heating the fruit or the juice so it would break down more, this might be easier or correct. I was just afraid it might alter the flavor, so I didn’t.

I always listen to music while I’m brewing, so I’m going to start sharing my “playlists” with you!

This is what I listened to most of the time I was smooshing and smashing melons.
Jonathan Young.

He’s a very talented musician that does semi-metal covers of non-metal songs. Jayson and I were obsessing over his Disney covers! Enjoy ❤612OU4krYEL


I’ll see y’all again soon!


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