A Grape Picking We Will Go.

Last summer Jayson’s boss told him about a vineyard in Cleburne, Travis’ Vineyard, where he and his family go every year to get grape for jam. So Jayson told him about BrewHound and convinced him to try making wine.  (Yay helping small businesses!)

This year we decided to try our hand at a more traditional wine (we still used honey…because it’s what we do), so we went out to Travis’ Vineyard and did some grape picking!

We both had fun but we ended up with way more grapes that we intended (aiming for about 80-100lbs…ended up with almost 150lbs!) so I got a little whiny. haha

Obligatory selfie with my crappy phone.

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08-02-2018 (26)
When you ask your husband to pose for a photo.

08-02-2018 (27)08-02-2018 (33)08-02-2018 (34)

08-02-2018 (39)
There are 3 more full buckets in the other chairs. This is what 147lbs of grapes looks like.

08-02-2018 (42)

08-02-2018 (50)
Travis has a de-stemming machine. It’s a little intimidating.

08-02-2018 (51)

08-02-2018 (53)
The grape juice is such a pretty pinkish red. I hope the wine keeps that hue.

Once they were de-stemmed the grapes fit into two buckets, which we split in to 3.
One 3gal, and two 5gals. We smooshed them (well, Jayson smooshed them. I used the blender … because it seemed much easier.) and added campden tablets for the first day.
Travis had told us to use the natural yeasts…but this being our first time we were a little wary. So we killed those yeast and added our own. lol

Once we transfer them from these buckets all of the liquid will go into our new 8 gallon bucket we got at Brewhound.


A Quick update on our last brews before I go.

I finished my Amber ale in time to take a gallon to my cousin’s wedding, but once we got there we decided that having it sit out in 100° heat all day wouldn’t be great, and with them leaving for their honeymoon the next day…we opted to leave it in our own hotel room and drink it for them! 37920063_10101313950266954_3097404970765385728_o
We’re going to put it in proper bottles for them now that they’re home from Mexico!

I designed and had these pretty pint glasses made for them.
I went ahead and gave them to them at the wedding even though the beer would come later.

Congratulations Jeremy & Morgan ❤
07-28-2018 (3)


Screenshot_2018-08-08 Danielle Cockerell Lawson
Chris, the owner of Brewhound, reviewed my Acerglyn that I made using Maple Syrup from his store.

Danielle made this acerglyn (mead with maple syrup) and I’ve been really excited to try it ever since she began putting it together a few months ago. I love the copper color of it and the clarity; it just looks rich. The flavor was pretty much everything you’d expect it to be: a maple flavored mead. There was a nice amount of residual sweetness but not too much. I looked at quite a few recipes for this and most of them call for carbonation but I think still is better. Carbonation can cut into flavors and I think it was doing that here, so tradition (if acerglyn is traditionally sparkling) be damned. I found myself enjoying the second half of the glass more once a lot of the carbonation had pushed out of it. I know Danielle was hoping for a stronger maple flavor but like with many things in homebrewing and winemaking, less often turns out to be more. If you say a flavor is in something then that flavor certainly should be obvious but it doesn’t have to jump up and punch you in the face.
I feel tempted to try batch of this myself now!
Thanks Danielle!

Jayson’s Black currant/Blueberry Melomel got an in person review when we took it to him. Chris and his friend Eric tried it and absolutely made Jayson’s day. He told them to give critiques, because even though he loved his mead, he wanted to learn.

They both loved it. Eric, as it turns out, is a judge at competitions (and the owner/brew master of the soon to be opened, Pathfinder Brewing in Hudson Oaks, TX). He told Jayson that if he let his mead age a little longer and controlled the brewing temp it would take it from “a good mead, to award winning.”


Okay kids, that’s enough for now. I’ll be back when our wine is ready…or our next brew starts, whichever comes first!



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  1. Danielle,
    I love your page. I could use a few tips on my web design. Can I get you to be the photographer at future Brag parties?


    1. lawson1017 says:

      Thank you Travis!
      I picked this layout from some of the premade here on WordPress. And it works for my image heavy posts!

      I would love to photograph the brag days! ❤️


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