Let There Be Beer!

We procrastinated and didn’t  get a mead started in time to have anything ready by Thanksgiving or Christmas (either for gifts or just to share) so I suggested we make a couple of beers. Jayson has made a few before, that’s what got him into this hobby 6 or 7 years ago, but I have never attempted it. I decided I wanted to make a stout, seeing as it’s one of the few beer types that I typically like.

On Wednesday we went to BrewHound , our local brew store, to get the stuff to make my Stout. Chris, the owner of BrewHound got me all of the ingredients I’d need, and he and Jayson talked specifics while I stood by slightly bemused. I’m still getting the hang of the math/science side of brewing. I just want to play with flavors.

11-08-2017 (5)
“Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.” – Dave Barry

11-08-2017 (6)11-08-2017 (7)

11-08-2017 (8)
Pouring warm water over the grains to get all of the flavor out.
11-08-2017 (9)
And now we stir and wait for bubbles.
11-08-2017 (10)
It’s so dark!
And just when it feels like you’ll be stirring for the rest of your life…


11-08-2017 (11)
Yes, yes, we are extract brewers, we are not currently set up for all grain. Hopefully some day soon.

11-08-2017 (12)

11-08-2017 (13)
The extract is so thick! it looks like a ribbon.

11-08-2017 (14)11-08-2017 (15)

11-08-2017 (16)-2
I felt  so witchy. I made Jayson take this photo for me. LOL
11-08-2017 (17)
After the cool down we added the yeasties and now it’s time to transfer to the carboy.
11-08-2017 (18)
It’s so dark and pretty!

Next week we’ll brew Jayson’s …

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