My Meads are ready!


About a month ago I did my last transfer.


Jayson and I are a good pair, he likes dry mead/wine, I require sweet. So when we brew there’s a wide range of options…and usually if one doesn’t turn out right for me, he’ll like it. lol That rambling was just to say, I back sweetened two of the 4 (and should have probably done it to a 3rd.)

Keeping bugs out of my juice while the campden tablets do their thing.


Yesterday was bottling day! I made a mess! Jayson was there to help at first but I managed the last two gallons solo. And made a bigger mess!
But I was proud of myself for being able to do the capper (it’s a hand held version) and no toppling over any bottles. I would have cried..and cussed a lot.


Why Is All the Plum Gone?
My plum melomel. I have wanted to make this since my first experiments last fall! It turned out so good! It’s sad that I’ll never be able to replicate this flavor exactly because I used an entire 49oz can of pureed plums on a single gallon!

Ellie’s Pecan Pie.
my yummy pecan pie metheglin. (Ellie, from Elle which is the last four letters of my name, plus it sounds good and southern with Pecan Pie lol). I am so happy with how this turned out. I need to.make a full 5 gallons of it.

Johnny Apple Mead.
My apple melomel. I was worried about this one. It had a weird flavor when I did my last transfer, but I had added some apple juice after stopping the fermentation and it turned out great!

I Love Your Guts.
my strawberry rose melomel. (Named because of how gross the concoction looked when I did my first transfer, and because strawberries and roses are all romantic lol). Jayson likes this one, but it’s a little too tangy for me. I might try this one again some time, and add a little juice, or even just some more honey to back sweeten.

Yesterday we  went to Brew Hound our local brew shop, for some more caps and a few other things. I took Chris a bottle of my Pecan Pie (I hadn’t bottled the Plum or Apple yet or he might have gotten one of those too) for him to try. He does reviews of his customer brews on his instagram and he posted mine today!


I’m so excited that he liked. To answer the questions he posed, there wasn’t any cinnamon, I might have misspoken when we were talking and said there was, but there isn’t. And it wasn’t back sweetened, it was perfect before I added the potassium sorbate.
I might try toasting some pecans before I make my 5 gallon batch and including them to see if the flavor is any better, but I’ll probably still use extract too.

One last thing before I go. I’ve been playing around with logos, here’s what I came up with for our mead.


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