Transfer time.


Jayson has been keeping an eye on my meads, since they’re all in his computer room and he told me yesterday I should probably transfer them.

I had him help me because this is all still my first brew. We have a limited number of 1 gallon jugs so we have to play musical chairs. Transfer one, wash the one it came out of so you can transfer the next one. That part made me nervous but with the wonders that are OneStep & StarSan we made it through.

This is my first time to empty out fruit from a brew….it’s pretty much disgusting. haha.

Strawberry/Rose. What was once pretty red berries & pink flower buds that commonly represent romance… became this nasty mess that made me think of innards.

So the name was an obvious choice.
This one has a pretty good flavor, but I like my things sweet so I’ll probably have to back sweeten it some.

Apple. I was curious enough to taste one of the apples before I dumped them out.
It sort of tasted like a balloon.
(True love means trying something when your spouse says it tastes bad…husband sure did taste the apples. lol)

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to come up with this punny name.

I need to buy some apple juice to add to it, it’s not nearly apple-y enough for me.

Pecan Pie. It had a really good mead flavor, with the barest hints of pecan, but I really wanted it to be more obvious. So I added an additional 3 tbs of pecan extract and 1 tbs of vanilla. We’ll see how that does.

I don’t love the name, but I like the idea of using Texas since pecan trees are our state tree…but the name is blah.

Plum. This was a mess since it was a puree, so Jayson put one of our mesh bags inside the bottle to try and catch most of the mush.


Prime example of why we don’t want kids. lol Who needs poopy diapers when you have puree mesh bags.
I could not for the life of me come up with a good name for it. I’m open to suggestions.

This one already has a really clean flavor. Jayson loves it and wanted to drink the whole thing, which means it’s too dry for my liking. haha

*Naming update*
Plum now has a name!



See you again in a few weeks!


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