Update on my meads!

I completely forgot to post when I transferred my 5 gallons into single gallons to try out some new flavors.

I left one gallon of plain mead behind so we could see how it tastes since we were using a new kind of honey.  We actually mixed it with Jayson’s plain mead that he had left over from his batch, so it’ll be a combination of both of our efforts. (We mainly did it because we were missing an airlock)



  1. Strawberry/Rose
  2. Pecan Pie
  3. Plum
  4. Apple

1. Strawberry/Rose. was just 2 one pound bags of frozen strawberries (I wanted to use fresh but the ones at the store were already growing white fuzz.) and Two cups of dried roses (culinary grade) made into a tea. I included the roses in the brew, though I doubt this was necessary as the flavor was probably all steeped out of it.

2. Pecan Pie. I went to a pecan pie recipe, though I may have to add more of one thing or another before I can bottle them. Brown sugar, vanilla extract and Pecan extract.

3. Plum. 5 cups of plum puree. It was the entire 49oz can (OMG) that I bought at
Brew Hound. As hopeful as I am that this one is delicious, I know I can never replicate it exactly in a bigger brew since I used 1 whole can for 1 single gallon! That would be a very expensive melomel. I just didn’t want to waste the rest of it since I knew I couldn’t have reused it later. Though, the temptation to eat the rest of the can was strong…it smelled so good!

4. Apple. 5 medium sized gala apples
This was supposed to have honeysuckle, but never having done anything like this I totally ruined the honeysuckle.
I went out to our front yard and gathered about 1.5 cups or so of the flowers. I then, brewed them like a tea, like I was doing the roses.
Big difference between the roses & the honeysuckle, is the honeysuckle was fresh… I think that was the problem. They cooked rather than steeped and the “tea” tasted disgusting. It might have been better to put them in with the apples, fresh instead of trying to make a tea, but I’m glad I didn’t risk it.
So I’ll experiment with those some other time, maybe go out and pick a ton of them and dry them out on my dehydrator and then try to steep them.


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