Five Year Plan.

Okay maybe not actually 5 years, but I had an idea tonight.

Jayson and I went out with the intentions of going to Rahr for their St. Patrick’s Day Mid Week Tasting. It’s pretty fun and reasonably priced! For $10 (unless they’ve changed it) you get a one of a kind pint glass themed for the night, and a wrist band for 3 beers + ½ a pint of the night’s specialty brew.
Unfortunately we got there a little late and the line was around the block. So we headed up to Magnolia for some “grown up bar hopping.” I call it that because we’ll maybe hit two bars, have a couple of beers and got home. haha
He wanted to go to The Bearded Lady because he wanted some of their fries. On the way we passed a place I had been wanting to try so we went in there first.

Chimera Brewing Company. Neat little corner bar that does brew their own beer. They had at least 9 available on tap. It was very pub-like, casual, there was a good crowd there but it didn’t feel crowded. They were even playing soccer on tv. The brewers were there setting up a new beer, we were itching to talk to them but we left them to their business.

But it got me to thinking that maybe Jayson and I could do something like that some day.
Get a bar and have a brewery/meadery in the back!

So yes, while I would love to be in Ireland in the next 5-10 years I would gladly settle for this lot in life!



I have started looking into what it takes to open a bar and even more specifically the legalities of selling your craft brews. It’s a little intimidating but I think in 5 years we might be up to the task!

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