MY first mead!

Our 5 gallon bucket of honey got here on Tuesday, so yesterday we made mead!

We went to HEB and got two 5 gallon jugs of water, the kind that you can exchange for full jugs. That way we save a little money and we aren’t wasting a ton of 1 gal plastic bottles.

I got a new for my camera that takes continuous photos, once I got it figured out (there were a few tantrums before someone named Tech Infusion on Youtube explained what I was doing wrong) I set it to take 1 photo every 15 seconds through out our process so I could make a video!

This was my first mead to really help make, the other ones I take credit for were just me adding fruit before the 2nd fermentation.

I made a 5 gallon batch, and Jayson made a 6. I filled my carboy up a  little too far (which you’ll see in the video) so Jayson had to set up his make shift/oversized air lock so that it wouldn’t overflow. He made it when he had made a very enthusiastic beer when he first started brewing.

Image may contain: indoor
oversized airlock.

On to the video!

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