Home Brew Update

The cyser flopped. I’m not positive what went wrong, but it happened early on.
It was a first attempt and we will definitely try again.

Jayson has brewed at least one beer since I last posted. He did an Amber ale and a Hefeweizen. The Amber is gone, it was a huge hit with our friends and all of my cousins. As was the Merlotmel. And his Hefeweizen was just recently kegged. We had a power outage that lasted 24 hours, more or less, but I think his refrigerator kept its cool.

We went to the store to buy honey and the price had gone up so we decided to try this one online source he had found. So we have something like 60-65lbs of clover honey coming to us this week! He is going to do a full batch of the Merlotmel.
I am so excited, I’m going to do a few 1 gallon meads, on my own from start to finish. I may have Jayson assist so I don’t screw it up but for the most part these will be all mine!

I have so many ideas that I want to try, I have been looking up recipes like crazy.
I found a really fun site from another amateur brewer The Nerdy Bee. She has a ton of experimental recipes that she has been doing almost once a week for a year!

I am for sure going to do a Plum melomel. I wanted to do that on our first go around but plum was just out of season. I found a large can of puree at our brew store Brew Hound on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. So I had to get it!

03-02-2017 (5).jpg
Meet Maisy. She is the mascot of Brew Hound.

I also want to try a Rose & Strawberry metheglomel (did I make that word up? Probably not.) I bought some rosehips from Brew Hound but I also ordered actual culinary grade rose petals on Amazon.

Brewing some rosehip tea to get a feel for the flavor.

After tasting the rosehip tea with honey and a frozen strawberry (which cooked some in the hot tea) I decided that I should try the rose petals too. And I will definitely use fresh strawberries in the 2nd fermentation because the cooked frozen one had an odd flavor.
I’m also considering some vanilla bean…maybe. We’ll see.

The other flavors I really want to try are some that if they prove successful, I would make a big batch and take them to Thanksgiving! Think…pie. đŸ™‚

That is all to report for now. I’ll post again in a week or so when our honey gets here and we get some brews going!

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