All of our meads have finished.

Two 5 gallons of regular mead (one with a little bit of orange) were ready around the beginning of the year, we took one bottle to a party with some friends. We may or may not have finished it that night 😉




We bottled & labeled our melomels last night.
I am picky when it comes to my alcohol, I need it mostly sweet. So I’m not a huge fan of the out come of our melomels. My mixed berry turned out to be very dry and, obviously, dark… almost like a merlot. This worked out great for Jayson since he loves those, I think that will be his next big batch!


1) Matty Mango : Mango (duh)
Jayson’s friend Matt wanted us to do a mango flavor…it’s weird, just like I told them it would be, so it’s his. lol
2) Pomchy (like the dog but spelled differently) : Pomegranate Cherry.
We should have added some more honey to this jug and let it set a few days before bottling, it’s super tart. Kind of kicks me in the face each time I taste it for the first time. haha. The cherry made it taste like cough syrup but with enough honey added it could taste like candy.
3) Princess Toadstool : Peach & cinnamon (get it?)
This tastes more like traditional mead to me. The cinnamon didn’t really come across, which is fine with me, it just tastes clean.
4) Merlotmel : Mixed Berry
Get it? It’s a melomel that tastes like merlot. I know, I know, I’m so clever.



Jayson started a pale ale last week and this week we went out and bought all of the things we needed to try out a cidre!

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