Let’s make some Mead.

Jayson has brewed his own beer a few times, but it’s been a while. A few months ago he decided he wanted to give mead a shot. And so we have a closet with 10 gallons of mead going.

One big 5 gallon that is just a basic mead with a hint of orange, he says he will have to back sweeten it because it got a little too strong.

Then we split the 2nd batch, one gallon is just mead. Then we did 4 different melomels.

1. Mango
2. Peach & Cinnamon
3. Mixed Berries
4. Pomegranate and Cherries

In case we get good at this, whether or not we end up selling or just giving as gifts, I want to make a fun name for us and all of the mead flavors. 🙂

On the Lawson family crest there are 3 ravens, so I was thinking “Raven Mead” and do a play on the phrase “We’re Raven Mad” haha 12-07-2016-13

Tasting the plain mead…pretty damn strong.

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