So I Married a Beer Snob – Sam Adams Nitro White Ale

Let me do a brief introduction here. My husband is a beer snob and I always try his beers, even though 99.99% of the time I just end up making a very funny face.
When we were on our honeymoon I made a ridiculous critique of Guinness, and we joked that I should start a beer blog for women (or men) who are married to beer lovers/snobs/connoisseurs.  So they know what to expect. It’s basically like “Honest Trailers” for beer.

08-13-2016 (1)

Saturday night after he got off work, we went into Old Town Burleson so he could catch Pokemon. We stopped in at Old Texas Brewing Co. to get a drink and I decided I absolutely needed to start this blog.

08-13-2016 (9)
08-13-2016 (7)

Sam Adams – Nitro White Ale

This beer starts out bitter.
And finishes with a hint of FrootLoops.
(the FrootLoops that you find stuck in your teeth about 5 minutes after you’ve finished eating them)



Don’t mind us, just testing out the selfie camera on his new phone.



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