Ireland! (very long & image heavy) Part 2.

Picking up at the end of day 5 in Dublin.

11-08-2015 (18)

11-08-2015 (27)
I just love this sign. McDowell’s Jewelry…sadly it was closed down.

11-08-2015 (22)

We were drained after the long bus ride and it was pretty well dark once we got all settled in, too dark to really explore. So we had one drink in the hotel bar and retired to our room to watch The Great Irish Bake Off and a lot of British trivia game shows.

Day 6

We were used to walking everywhere in Galway, so we did the same in Dublin…you can walk everywhere, but it takes a LOT longer to get places. lol

Things we saw on our way to Dublina the Viking Museum.

Dublinia. The Viking history of Dublin.

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11-09-2015 (58)a
Christ’s Church (composite panorama of about 5 photos)

We had hours to kill before the concert so we wandered around getting acquainted with the area.

11-09-2015 (63)11-09-2015 (69)11-09-2015 (67)

11-09-2015 (76)
Shooting from the hip. I thought she was too cute.

11-09-2015 (82)

11-09-2015 (83)
Delicious vegetable soup at Abreu’s Cafe

11-09-2015 (84)

11-09-2015 (86)
Awesome display at an antique store.

11-09-2015 (88)11-09-2015 (90)11-09-2015 (91)

11-09-2015 (93)

11-09-2015 (98)
We found a daily market a couple of blocks from our hotel. We wanted to load up on produce because the prices were so good but we wouldn’t be able to bring any of it home…

11-09-2015 (100)

11-09-2015 (101)
A legit butcher shop.

That night we walked to 3Arena to see Children of Bodom, Lamb of God & Megadeth.
Because that’s how we honeymoon. lol

I think he looks a little like Rob Zombie in this picture 😉

I didn’t want to take my digital camera in case they wouldn’t let me take it in, so I brought my phone and my 35mm Minolta 7000 Maxxum

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WARNING. all videos were taken with my phone, the quality is pretty crap but I wanted to share them anyway.

Children of Bodom.

Lamb of God
I tried to catch the very beginning of the song where he talks, because that was my brother’s answering machine message for the longest time…sadly I failed. lol

A circle pit formed. I told Jayson to go play but I think he was worried about losing me.


I made another friend. Sadly I forgot to post this one online after taking it so I don’t remember her name. But she was too cool. She had flown from England to Germany to see … someone play and then from there to Dublin to see Megadeth because she didn’t like the venue they were playing at in London! lol

I didn’t have the courage to take any photos, but after the concert it was clear that a lot of the fans were staying in the same part of Dublin as us, because we all ended up at the only restaurant open that late…Burger King. Haha They had a security guard, presumably to keep out the homeless, and you could see his confusion when some of the concert-goers came in. The ultimate dilemma “metal head…or homeless person?”
Day 7

We went out in search of breakfast and found Ann’s Bakery on Moore Street (apparently it’s the smaller, 2nd location) where they had a very affordable “mini breakfast” with 2 breakfast items 2 toast w/ jam & butter and tea or coffee all for €3.95! It was delicious.

11-10-2015 (102)
look at the itty bitty milk bottles on the tables for your tea!

Then we walked…roughly a 1½ miles to the Guinness Store House. Again, not that far…but far enough especially considering we got lost and had to double back a few times. haha

Jayson was so excited about this tour…as soon as we walked in he started singing this…

The Guinness Storehouse tour, it’s well worth the money

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11-10-2015 (169a)
Composite panorama of the view from the Gravity Bar

Day 8

We realized that walking everywhere just was not cutting it. So we got on the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.

11-11-2015  (2)

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Kilmainham Gaol.

This was my favorite tour. It was so somber and the tour guide really knew what he was talking about, and you could tell he cared about it too.

If you ever go to Dublin, and enjoy history, I highly recommend going.

The history of the gaol is centuries old, but it is so important in the history of Ireland as an independent nation.

11-11-2015  (90)11-11-2015  (94)104308010016.jpglt

11-11-2015  (96)
Joseph Plunkett. Part of the original 1916 rebellion. His dying wish was to marry his fiance, Grace. They were married in the prison chapel, and then they were allowed 15 minutes (guarded) after to say goodbye. He was executed the next day.
11-11-2015  (95)
Joseph Plunkett’s cell.
11-11-2015  (100)
Grace was arrested 7 years later for her part in the rebellion to free Ireland from Britain’s rule.
11-11-2015  (101)
During her time in Kilmainham, she painted this on the wall of her cell.

11-11-2015  (112)11-11-2015  (119)11-11-2015  (116)11-11-2015  (122)

11-11-2015  (128)
This was the break area for women & children. Women were on this side of the wall, and children on the other.
11-11-2015  (133)
The leaders of the Easter Rising rebellions and the dates they were executed.

After Easter Rising the country was torn on how they felt about a rebellion. There was so much damage in Dublin because of it, and innocent lives were lost. There were those who opposed it completely, and then there were the ones who saw the need, but felt it was the wrong time. Ireland was part of Britain, and Britain was fighting in World War I. Irish boys were fighting in the trenches along side the English….this caused some ill feelings towards the rebels.
James Connolly’s execution changed all of this. He was hospitalized after the rebellion, he ended up with gangrene. They brought him to the gaol for execution. They told him to walk across the courtyard to the spot where his brothers in arms had been shot. He could not walk. They brought his stretcher to this spot, and told him to stand, but he was too weak. They brought him a chair, but he couldn’t hold himself up, so they tied him to the chair. Britain tied a dying man to a chair, and shot him. His execution was the turning point in the revolution for the whole of Ireland.

11-11-2015  (131)
All but one of the men stood here and were shot by firing squad.
11-11-2015  (132)
The place where James Connolly was shot.

It was very humbling to stand in this courtyard.

The next stop was the Old Jameson Distillery.

11-11-2015  (178)

11-11-2015  (220)
Then we went to dinner and I took about 30 pictures trying to get this to work. haha
We went to a grocery store and bought snacks and stayed in watching more trivia shows…or maybe this was when we watched the show about rain.

Day 8.  The Last day.

I really screwed it up to. We hopped on the bus, not thinking about the fact that the place I wanted to go, was a 25 minute walk, but on the bus it would take an hour. By the time we got there I learned it cost money (I only wanted a single picture, not an actual tour) so we didn’t even go in. We then got back on the bus to go to Phoenix Park…but it was raining that day. We passed by so many cool things we could have done, like the National Museum, but now, I was on a mission and I wasted pretty much the whole day getting the same tour of the city that we’d gotten the day before.

Anyway to show you what we DID do, here are photos.

11-12-2015 (1)
The guard dog at Cassidy’s Hotel.
Fresh baked pastries at Ann’s
Goodbye Ann’s. We’ll miss you.
11-12-2015 (84)
The Spire.
11-12-2015 (91)
US Embassy. Design chosen in the 1960s by Kennedy.
11-12-2015 (97)
The Georgian homes are protected as historical, so the owners can’t really change anything about their homes…but they can paint the doors!
11-12-2015 (104)
Another awesome rainbow
11-12-2015 (98)
Georgian doors everywhere 🙂
11-12-2015 (128)
It has daisies.
11-12-2015 (108)
I love the architecture. I want that window.
11-12-2015 (107)
St. Ann’s Church. Where Bram Stoker got married.
11-12-2015 (130)
Phoenix Park. The 2nd largest park in the world. The president of Ireland lives here, along with the US Ambassador. They like the US because we were the first to recognized them as an independent country.
11-12-2015 (131)
We spent the whole day on the bus trying to get to the park, and the inside of this tea shop was all we saw, because it started raining very hard as soon as we got there.
11-12-2015 (133)-2
We made 2 friends. They offered to share their table with us so that we wouldn’t have to go outside in the rain. We sat and talked about our trips, they were such nice guys. When we told them we were there on our honeymoon the one on the left even gave me a 4 leaf clover he had found! We left before I realized we never exchanged names… So they will always be known as where they were from. Sydney (AU) & Phoenix (AZ)
11-12-2015 (138)
waiting in the rain for the next bus to come.

11-12-2015 (134)

11-12-2015 (146)
I love this door.
11-12-2015 (143)
I love the slasher cake!
11-12-2015 (144)
Ha’penny bridge.
11-12-2015 (147)
I need a room painted like this 🙂
11-12-2015 (149)
Jayson really wanted a tattoo of the Irish harp so we went to a shop in Temple Bar. Sadly we had waited too long to go because the artist said he wouldn’t have enough time to do it justice.
11-12-2015 (150)
So I took his photo instead.
11-12-2015 (151)
Our last meal in Ireland. We ended up at a place that didn’t serve Guinness…I mean really.
11-12-2015 (152)
I named him Squirrel.
The last day was also my best friend Lyssa’s birthday. She said it was her best birthday present haha

Day 9 : Going Home.

The runway at 10 AM Dublin time.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at 6PM Dallas time (Midnight Dublin time..we were very tired. )

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