Ireland! (very long and image heavy) Part 1.

When we started planning our honeymoon we originally wanted to go on a road trip straight up through Colorado, over to Northern California, down and back across the southwest states on the way home.

I was telling Jayson that we should do another road trip later that would take us along the east coast, stopping in Boston. I went there for my cousin’s wedding and loved it. He asked why he would want to go there, and I told him because of all of the Irish influences. He responded with “Why wouldn’t I just go to Ireland.”

“Why don’t we just go to Ireland!?”

My aunt and uncle had told us they wanted to help with the wedding in someway. When I told her about our idea about Ireland they surprised us with a large check. (I have been sworn to secrecy on the amount.) We got a lot of help from our other relatives with cash gifts at the wedding.

Once we got to Ireland, it was amazing….
The trip there was horrid. Word to the wise, if you can avoid flying through Ohare Airport in Chicago…do it. I never want to see that place again.
We missed our first flight out of DFW because of traffic, we were put on a later flight (this part is the girl at DFW’s fault) She said we would have PLENTY of time once we got there to get to our connecting flight.
Jayson was excited, it was his first time to fly! (He has vowed never to do it again after the way this trip started lol)

There is a tram connecting the domestic gates to the international ones. We ran as fast as we could only to find out about the tram. You can’t rush a tram…you just have to stand there with your bags, knowing full well your flight is being boarded.
We got to the Aer Lingus check in only to find it completely empty. Someone got a girl for us and she told us the gate was closed. It took them about 15 minutes but they were able to retrieve our luggage.
We then had to go back to the United check in to try and get another flight. A very nice lady, who’s name I did not catch, called around and got us onto a flight from Ohare to Heathrow…London. And we would then catch another flight to Dublin. She allowed me to hug her and then we went to stand in TSA hell. The United security lines at Ohare are the worst. Hate them.
Once we got through with that I was convinced we were going to miss yet another flight. I ran…again, while pulling 2 bags behind me. We got to our gate only to learn it was delayed….an hour! That cut our layover time in half…so we ran the risk again of missing a flight. But at least we had 8hrs flight time to not worry about it…and this flight fed us. It was such an empty plane that everyone moved around and got a row to themselves. It was great.

Day 1:
Got to Heathrow…had to go through their security check to go into the main part of the airport…even though we just got off a plane, we ran again and we got to our gate JUST in time to go in.

So yeah. Make your flights on time, and don’t fly through OHare. … Moving on to happier things.

We got to Dublin and took a bus to Galway,

11-05-2015   (6)
Happy to finally be in Ireland…but so tired from 20hrs of travel. Here’s to 3 more.

11-05-2015   (17)

11-05-2015   (16)
The sky was amazing.

it was about 4pm by the time we got checked in at Spanish Arch , such a cute hotel right in the middle of Quay Street. We took showers to wash the 24hrs of travel off of us and then went to The Kings Head for dinner and then went to bed.

This was our “we’re finally here!” picture for Facebook. Drinking our Irish drinks. Orchard Thieves (the best cidre ever…and it’s only available in Ireland!) and Smithiwicks (pronounced Smiticks)

11-05-2015   (24)

11-05-2015   (25)
Sea Bass and potatoes. My mouth is watering now.

Day 2:

11-07-2015 (147)
Our view from our hotel room. I love it so much.
11-06-2015   (12)
I was in love with these cobblestones. The pattern….the moss…that leaf. Perfection.
11-06-2015   (14)
Hillbilly’s. I’m still laughing about this.

Elevenses. There’s always time for tea (or coffee)

11-06-2015   (42)
The bar at the Spanish Arch. So pretty.

Brogan’s Music Bar

11-06-2015   (60)
Our favorite bar of the trip.

This was the only place where we felt like we were meeting locals. And they made us feel so welcome!

11-06-2015   (63)
We met Amber & Neville.

11-06-2015   (64)

She was so sweet!

Next stop. Dinner at the Eyre Square Hotel.

11-06-2015   (67)
Enter a caption

11-06-2015   (66)11-06-2015   (65)

Day 3 :

Galway City Museum.

There was a wall by the submarine that had letters from kids to the ocean.
I just happened to find one by a little girl named Yvonne. I think she and I could be friends.

11-07-2015 (44)
The view from the top level of the museum.

From this view I decided I want to walk to “over there.” So we did. We ended up at a causeway that lead to Mutton Island. Sadly the island was gated off but we did decide that if we were to move to Ireland, we’d want to live right in that area. Large open green for football (soccer of course) where dogs were allowed, and lots of places to go for walks and runs. You’d have to try and be fat if you lived there.

11-07-2015 (72)

11-07-2015 (76)
It was a little bit windy.
11-07-2015 (77)
It started raining on us, it was so cold, but the rain only lasted about 30 seconds. That cloud is the rain. Jayson decided that Irish rain is very polite.
11-07-2015 (84)
And then this happened.
11-07-2015 (87)
I have never seen a complete rainbow before. (Please forgive the wonky arch, this was a composite of 2 photos because my lens wasn’t quite wide enough.)

11-07-2015 (99)11-07-2015 (101)11-07-2015 (107)11-07-2015 (102)

11-07-2015 (109)
Zombie crossing.

11-07-2015 (55)11-07-2015 (124)

11-07-2015 (128)
I was a little obsessed with these houses.
11-07-2015 (135)
It was too cute of a moment not to capture.

11-07-2015 (134)

I loved this book store. All round the outside were even more book shelves, most of those were the clearance ones.

11-07-2015 (160)
Quay Street is the place to be on a Saturday night.

Street performers everywhere, and all of them very talented.

And then there was a strength challenge. I think this is brilliant. 10Euro to play and if you stayed up for 1 minute you got 100Euro. Think of how much the guys who set this up made at the end of the night… and why? Because drunk guys have something to prove! haha

Nataly, one of my bridesmaids, her nickname is Dewdrop. And I found her home. haha
Sadly she says it could not be her home, because they do not allow cats.

Back at Brogan’s Music Bar. We went back hoping to run into Neville & Amber because it seemed like he was a regular. They weren’t there but we made other friends around the billiards table. Larry, Mike, Paul, Joe, Mary…and a whole lot of other very nice people. They were so welcoming and once they learned we were on our honeymoon almost the whole bar made it around to congratulate us! They kept suggesting places for us to go that were “nicer” They didn’t understand that this pub and these people were exactly what we were hoping to find.

The owner of the bar sang a little music while we were there.

On a sad note. The homeless situation in Ireland seemed pretty serious, maybe just in the bigger towns. Some of them had dogs as a way of getting more attention, but to this guy’s credit, his dog looks very well taken care of.

11-07-2015 (229)

Day 4 :

Last morning in Galway, time to head to Dublin…but first Breakfast.

11-08-2015 (7)
Walking to a corner grocery for breakfast.

Quay Street is very quiet on Sunday morning. It was beautiful.

11-08-2015 (17)
Finally found something I liked at the little grocery store. Fried egg, cheese & hash brown…on toast. Yeah that was basically delicious.

Okay now it’s time to head to Dublin.

This post was long enough, Dublin gets its own. So consider this story

To be Continued ….

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