“Mr. & Mrs. Danielle Lawson”

Jayson and I dated when we were wee little teenagers, but like most teenagers we were stupid. We broke up. It was what we needed at the time but there is a part of me that kicks myself for wasting 5 years apart from him.

We started dating again in March of 2009 when I asked him to go see Lacuna Coil with me. They were coming to town and I hadn’t seen the before, and since he was the reason I knew about them I knew he’d want to go. We went to the concert and just never really stopped hanging out. In May it became “official”.

We dated for many, many years (ha) and people had begun to doubt we would ever get married. For our 5th anniversary we went to Corpus Christi, there were many really pretty moments when I thought “this would be perfect…doesn’t he think it’s perfect.”
Turns out he did, only the thought hadn’t really occurred to him until the morning we were supposed to leave and head home.

I woke up, still in bed with morning breath and the conversation went  like this.

J “okay, this might be totally lame…”
(I’m thinking “oh you’re kidding right?”)
J “Will you marry me?”
D “Are you serious?”
J “I have no ring.”
D “Of course I will.”

He then explained that he had had a dream (and the fact that he actually remembered it was surprising enough) that he asked me to marry him when he woke, and that I said yes. He felt like it was his brain telling him he was stupid for not having planned on this happening, but he was preoccupied trying to plan the vacation (which was supposed to be beach camping but after one night of me being hot and unable to sleep…there was some weeping…we went to hotel).
I jokingly asked him how it went in the dream and he said “well you were a little more enthusiastic!” haha

Even though it wasn’t a big et Voila moment, it’s ours.
And because he didn’t already have the ring, we went to Montgomery Street Antique Mall to see if we could find one. We found a little purple birthstone ring for $35, but after buying it we both agreed this wasn’t the ring. While we were there I saw “Now Hiring” signs, and I’ve now been there for over a year and a half! 🙂


A friend of mine suggested Gemvara, they have ring designs and you plug in the gem stones. I had made about 7 rings that I really liked and I let my friends on FB help me choose. While I was taking votes I started hoping that they would all vote on this one ring…so I told them they could stop and we ordered it. The center stone is black Onyx with white sapphires along the band and 2 blue topaz on either side (My mom’s birthstone.) I still catch myself staring at it.


Our wedding was October 17, 2015 at The Quixotic World in Deep Ellum.

Taken with my Minolta Maxxum 7000 on 35mm after the wedding.

There were some bumps, I was running late because there was a miscommunication with my ride. So my hair & make up was still being done when photos needed to be taken… so there are photos I didn’t get because we had to rush them all after the ceremony. I was trying to not be a bridezilla and demand things that I wanted, but honestly I wish I had.

Let that be a lesson, it’s okay to zilla-out a little bit because there’s no redo.

All in all it was a great day. I’m going to overload y’all with links to the songs that we picked for everything!

The bridal party and families entered to “The Way You Are Tonight” by Missy Higgins.
(I can’t explain how happy I was to hear she had actually sung a love song that wasn’t about unrequited love…she’s my favorite.)
Me and my daddy walked in to a piano cover of “Ice Dance” from Edward Scissorhands by Youtuber TimoFeick

We got to stand up in front of the people who love us, surrounded by our favorite people who agreed to be a part of our day. Our best friends we’d made in middle school through early twenties along with our siblings and my cousin & his wife. Some of our favorite kids were the flower girls and ring bearer (who’s mom stepped in as the ring bearer bearer since he was just a little guy)
Our officiant was the absolute best. Paden, we’ve each known him since middle school. He has been routing for us since day one. Plus he’s a really good writer and speaker so we knew he would do an amazing job even if we kind of sucked it up! Since he knows us so well he knew he could make it funny without going overboard.
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 203

We wrote our own vows, Jayson said he took a lot of his inspiration from his favorite author Patrick Rothfuss.

“Anyone can love a thing because.
That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket.
But to love something despite.
To know the flaws and love them too.
That is rare and pure and perfect.”

( It’s beautiful and when I read the book it’s from, I laughed really hard to find out the main character was talking about his lute!)

Then it was my turn, Jayson admitted to thinking to himself “man I win, mine was all sweet and poetic and hers is more funny.”

And then I sang. BAM blew his mind. haha I’m not saying I’m phenomenal, but if you knew me you’d understand that as much as I love singing and performing, it takes a LOT to make me feel okay with singing in front of a crowd. He had asked me not long after we got engaged if I would sing my vows. This was prompted when I said that I was more comfortable singing into a microphone than speaking. Since then I spent the next year trying to find the perfect song.
I picked Lena Horne’s Let Me Love You.
This video kicks in half way through the first verse because I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this…I wrote a final line into my vows in case I did it…once I read those there was no turning back.
(Or officiant/friend Paden said he was tearing up while I was singing! haha)

After the rings and the kiss  Paden pronounced us Mr & Mrs Danielle Lawson  and we all walked out to Volbeat’s cover of I Only Wanna Be With You.
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 255

Next up the obligatory boring family photos. It’s sad that family photos always have to be a little bit boring because you have to rush through them to move on to the next thing.

Oh and here’s us with Billy, the Mad Hatter/Manager of Quixotic World/Mayor of Deep Ellum (self appointed)
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 275

And the wedding party photos.

Danielle & Jayson Wedding 346Danielle & Jayson Wedding 353-2

Danielle & Jayson Wedding 053
Jayson with his groomsmen. Jeremy, James (my brother), Matt, Doug & Nathan
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 356
Me and my bridesmaids. Nataly, Lyssa, Courtney, Sabra (Jayson’s sister), Tylatha.

Danielle & Jayson Wedding 364Danielle & Jayson Wedding 063
This is Jayson with Nathan & Laith (Nathan’s son, our ring bearer) It has become tradition to do a “my 2 dads” picture of these two with Laith since the first one we took in the hospital after he was born. So since we were going to be out of town on his birthday I insisted that we have one in their suits 🙂


Now I can talk about my decorations. My friend Carrie & I spent a few months getting these ready. The only things I didn’t help with are the actual floral bouquets, my friend Bonita did those for me. 🙂  We have Lightbulb Bouquets. Vacuum Tube Candle Sticks, Cake Plates, Pocket Watch/Key/Beer Cap boutonnieres and my Cards box. Unfortunately no picture of the guest book. I’ll share it another time once I fill in some of the blank pages with some of the wedding photos.

We danced to Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell. 10 Points if you know what movie that’s from without watching the video! haha

I had Daddy & Jayson’s mom choose the songs they wanted to dance to with us.
Of course they both chose country songs, and that was about the only country music on our play list.

Daddy chose “You Can Let Go Now Daddy” by Crystal Shawanda, it’s so perfect except the ending is horribly sad. And since I didn’t want to be reminded of my dad’s mortality at my wedding I attempted to splice that verse out. It was a little sloppy but I think only I noticed. (the photos in the video are just random old photos of my parents and family)
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 405

Kathy picked “You’re Gonna Be” by Reba McEntire. She warned me that she would cry, and she kept her promise. She was young when she had Jayson and the very beginning of the song rings so true for her. She started crying pretty quickly so Jayson just hugged her until the song finished.
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 418

BEAR WITNESS TO THE ONLY CAKE WE ATE! haha I always argued when people said “you won’t get to eat anything.” They did not lie. I ate a few bites of my food which was sadly not as good as when we did our tasting and then this single bite of cake.
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 453

I didn’t want the typical songs for the bouquet & garter tosses.

Bouquet Toss : Barbie Girl by Aqua
Garter : Holy Diver by Killswitch Engaged

Danielle & Jayson Wedding 482Danielle & Jayson Wedding 489
My Kenzie caught the bouquet. And she was quick to rub it in the older single gal’s faces haha
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 491Danielle & Jayson Wedding 495
Jayson’s cousin’s boyfriend, Nathan, caught the garter…and now he and Brittany are engaged! Coincidence? 😉
Danielle & Jayson Wedding 498

Now for the dancing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the end!  I’m sharing both photos because I love both, top is the professional photographer and the bottom is one my bridesmaid Nataly took with her phone. Even with a damn phone she’s awesome. 😉

Danielle & Jayson Wedding 612

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

It might not have gone 100% according to plan, but it was still an awesome night and I’m married to my favorite person ever.

Wedding Photography : Matthew T Rader Photography

Oh and after the wedding Billy (Mayor of Deep Ellum) took us to a new little bar, where we met two awesome guys from Ireland, Fin & Liam. We got to talk about places to visit while on our trip and they taught us the correct way to say Galway.



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